Reiki & Seichem 1, 2 & 3 are run on a one to one basis or in groups.

One & two days workshop.

All students receive a certificate, a manual and on-going support.

I hold a Reiki gathering monthly.

You can heal your life

Experience this powerful 1 & 2-DAY workshop based on the work of Louise L. Hay and Patrica Crane PhD.

Areas covered include anger releasing, mirror work, affirmations, forgiveness & Loving yourself.
If you really want to change your life this workshop IS for you. It can heal your life!

This workshop is run over 1 & 2 days or over 5 weeks.

Understanding Chakras

Learn the importance of a healthy chakra and how each chakra corresponds to certain physical systems and their related organs.

A ONE-DAY workshop. I have written a book to accompany this workshop.


Colour can be a powerful and effective technique in self-healing. Each colour can effect our emotional, mental and physical state and learning how to use colour is part of this workshop.



The thoughts we think and the words we speak Do create our future

1 Day Workshop.

Positive thinking is a process of creating and focusing on a positive outcome.

In this workshop you will learn affirmations, visualization, and how to change your attitude .

Affirmations are powerful tools and very effective in changing life patterns and perspectives.

I have written a booklet on “Affirmations” to check it out go to “Books”.

Also we meet monthly.


Reiki/Seichem, Chakra & Crystal Healing. All take about 1 hour.