Reiki is a powerful tool for Personal Transformation. Reiki (pronounced ‘Ray Key’) is a Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy.

It is a hands-on healing method for healing self and others. Reiki is a gentle yet powerful form of healing and it works on all levels to bring about balance and harmony.


Reiki helps to create Peace and you can live in harmony

Reiki triggers your body’s natural healing abilities

Reiki balances mind body & spirit

Reiki helps cleanse your emotional baggage by removing blockages and allowing energy to flow

Reiki helps raise you vibrational frequency

Reiki stimulates your endocrine system

Reiki helps to restore life force energy within you.


Treatment: Your Reiki Practitioner/Master has been attuned to the higher vibratory levels of Universal Life Force Energy and acts as a channel for the Reiki to pass through. A Reiki session lasts about one hour. The practitioner’s hands are gently placed on specific parts of the body – you remain fully clothed at all times. Many people find the experience a truly comforting and reassuring experience and many falls asleep. During the treatment some people may feel heat, others a tingling sensation or sometimes nothing except deep relaxation. Reiki always goes to where it is needed. If you have any queries or particular needs your practitioner will discuss them before the session starts.

Reiki has become very popular and it is well worth looking for a Reiki Master you have an affinity with.

How do I know Reiki is right for me?

You’ll know…. If you feel excitement or intrigue or just can’t stop thinking about the possibilities – it’s probably for you. Just tune-in to your own heart and be guided by what feels right for you. “OPEN YOURSELF SO THE LIFEFORCE CAN BE FULLY RECEIVED”

All I ask of my students is to have an open mind and heart…


Reiki 1:

In a Reiki 1 workshop the students are taught the history of Reiki and the basic hand position for treating self and others. They also learn about Chakras. They are attuned and opened permanently to the Reiki Energy.

Reiki 2:

In a Reiki 2 workshop the students are opened up further and taught Reiki Symbols and their uses in a more focused way. They are taught methods for channeling Reiki over a distance.

Reiki 3:

In a Reiki 3 workshop the students get their Master Degree and are empowered to teach Reiki.

All students receive a certificate and a manual for each level with on-going support.


Distant Healing:

Distant Healing can be a powerful way to bring about changes in ones life. When you cannot attend a session personally why not ask for Distant Healing. Simply send me your request with the persons name, location, and situation to and I will put you on my Healing List.

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Traditional Seichem passes down Fire energy with the grounding qualities of Earth (Reiki)

Tera-Mai Seichem is an initiation into all four elements.


Earth (Reiki) healing energy is experienced as hot and cold (just like the surface of the planet) Grounds all other healing energy.

Fire (Sakara) is clearly and immediately distinguished as pulses of low-voltage electricity, which feels like the prickling of pins and needles. Works in the Aura as well as the Physical Body.

Water (Sophi-El) waves of cool energy. Brings up deep emotional issues for healing.

Air (Angeliclight) two-fold energy of Air and Spirit. Brings about Mental healing and enhancement of the power of the third eye and the spoken word. Healer and Healee often experience the presence of Angels.

Seichem can be taken as part of a Reiki Workshop or on it’s own.

Seichem 1, 2, & 3 Mastership

To Learn more about this wonderful healing energy or to enrol in a class.