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Reiki Principles Poster

Distant Healing

Reiki always works for the Highest Good.

It always knows what a person needs and will adjust itself to create the effect that is appropriate for them.

Distant healing is a great way of receiving healing if you cannot attend a treatment in person.

All you need to do is……….Email me with

Your Name and the area you live.

I will take it from there.

I send distant healing daily.

And it’s FREE

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Affirmations are positive words or statements that express clearly the goals you wish to achieve.

To affirm means to ‘make firm’ what you wish to achieve.

The most important thing to remember when affirming for anything is

Your affirmations must be

  • And in the PRESENT TENSE

If you affirm ‘I will be calm and relaxed’ you are affirming for the future and that is where it will stay… in the future!

Here are some Affirmations for starting your day right.

Today is a great day

I feel good today

My mind dwells on positive loving thoughts

I focus on and see the positive side of all my experiences

I like/love myself.


I deserve the best

I am a powerful person

I value my independence

I know how to take care of myself

I am open to new ways of living

If you like these affirmations you can purchase my booklet on

“Affirmations” Sowing the seeds for a Positive Live

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